Feather Hair Extensions

Patricia Best Feather Hair Extensions are made with original feathers. Our feathers are all Grade #1, which is the highest quality rooster feather. We have ample feather color choices available to our customers at the lowest price. Our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction.

In Patricia Feather Hair Extensions Salon, Best feather hair extensions are available in bold colors, natural-looking lowlights, and everything in between, adding pizzazz to any style. They are easily installed in less than 10 minutes, easily removed in less than five minutes and can add any color to your hair without bleaching coloring or damaging the natural hair, Feather hair extensions can be curled, flat-ironed, blown dry, basically treated like real hair. The feathers last up to eight weeks and can be reused says Patricia owner/stylist, Patricia Feather hair Extensions Salon, New York City, Manhattan, NY, NYC area and we do give service to the people they are from NY, NJ, CT, Queens, Long Island, Astoria, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island areas.

Patricia Best Feather Hair Extensions are made from the best rooster grizzly saddles (striped feathers) and rooster cream saddles (These feathers are dyed to match the grizzly feather extensions).Yes the feathers are dyed with professional acid dyes that are colorfast. Don't let "acid" scare you. The acid used is vinegar so it is very safe to wear our feather extensions.

Patricia Best Feather Hair Extensions are the best way to get exquisite and elegant look. Each feather hair extension is made from a collection of between 5-7 feathers, ranging from 7" to 14" in length. They will last anywhere from one to four months, depending on how you care for them.

Patricia Best Feather Hair Extensions are manufactured from premium quality farm grown rooster's feathers and tend to be 100% pure and organically colored to generate exciting and fun colors. Every single feather is one-of-a-kind and is around 8-12 inch Long. Every package includes four individual feathers. Feather hair extensions are employed within a few minutes, employing a totally secure and chemical-free method that connects an individual silicone bead to some small portion of hair.

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